Chain Hotel Vs. Bed & Breakfasts, What To Expect?

The bed and breakfast concept, a nice cozy bed, and a morning meal get you going on your day of travel or business. But as a number of us who have stayed in B&Bs, we know that there is a lot more to them. A lot more private than a resort and also commonly with more services, a B&B is constantly dealing with the details, desires, and also requires of each visitor. They are making a unique experience memorable.

If you are a passionate hotel-goer, as well as have never stayed at a b and b, this write-up is for you! There are a few differences if you remain in a B&B in the United States versus in Europe or various other countries, but many are pretty similar. Here is just a list of what you will undoubtedly anticipate in lots of, but undoubtedly not all, b and b.


One of the most evident amenities you can anticipate is the morning meal! The majority of B&B s have fairly intricate menus for morning meals, with chefs on-site to offer you a selection of things that change from day to day. In some B&B s, morning meal is served in one area where every person consumes together. In others, you can have your morning meal independently in your space, on a patio area or terrace. Ask about dining settings when you make reservations. It is, however delightful, to sit at a long table with all new folks, family-style.

Fresh Cooked, Diet Regimen Oriented

B&Bs may be able to accommodate food sensitivities and other dietary requirements for their guests. It is a lot easier for them to deal with your nutritional demands. Perhaps you are a vegan, or you can not have glucose. If this holds, let the B&B proprietor recognize when you call, and also frequently, dishes can be developed mainly to those needs. And do not hesitate to ask; this is just one of the specifying attributes that divide a B&B from a resort.

Wi-fi and also TELEVISION

Like many resorts and also hotels, B&Bs usually have wifi as well as cable television. See to it to ask if the wifi is free or an additional fee.

Specialized Amenities

Not as common in older B&Bs; however, today’s establishments frequently have exterior features, like swimming pools, hot tubs, patios, decks, as well as porches. Resorts usually have these services also, at a B&B, these features give a sense of being more private: fewer rooms, less guests, a more personalized experience.  Also anticipate indoor amenities such as zoned A/C and heat, as needed warm water and ironed linens.


With fewer guests and face-to-face contact with B&B owners, you can expect to be pampered during your stay. Every B&B has its very own brand and way of making guests feel special. You can see things that vary from unique shower room soaps to warmed-up towels for the swimming pool or shower. This is truly where a B&B shines. A chain hotel will have standardized amenities, and at a B&B, everything is unique.

Private bathroom

In years past, several B&B establishments did not have exclusive restrooms devoted to each area. Typically site visitors shared baths with various other visitors, usually having one shower room per floor. Today, most B&Bs are either restored buildings or brand-new ones where each room has its very own facility.

Neighborhood Tourist attractions

B&B s can be located in hectic tourist locations or nestled in more quiet small towns. Typically in either setting, local tourist attractions are usually a leave. You may find yourself in a B&B with fine dining,  galleries, and various other attractions nearby.

Understanding of the Area by Owners

It is frequently the case that B&B owners open their facilities in their very own city or community. Staying with essentially “locals” is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture. B&B hosts know the area and are genuinely proud to show their town to newcomers.


Most B&B s do not have lunch or supper for their visitors (although a few do), but lots of will have afternoon snacks, vending makers, or even a glass of wine and cheese tastings to select from. Usually, dinner during a trip does not happen till late evening, and you may enjoy a charcuterie plate to hold off on dinner a bit longer with delicacies readily available for guests at B&Bs.

Mixed drinks

It is becoming increasingly typical for B&B s to have bars or a minimum of cocktails available for visitors. With outside pools and patio areas becoming a growing number of usual, especially in the south, proprietors have recognized that supplying grown-up beverages is a must. Usually, this will indeed be noted on the B&B’s internet site, but otherwise, constantly feel free to ask the owner.


Lastly, yet possibly most notably, areas at B&B s price close to, or even less, than regional hotels. One may believe that B&B s would be extra costly, as the visitor list is so tiny. However, remember that the costs of a B&B are a lot less than a resort. Fewer guests, fewer staff members, and also smaller structures all include the affordability of staying at a B&B.

The Inn on the Paseo team believes that everybody ought to take the opportunity to stay in a B&B with absolute comfort where the quality and the uniqueness of a beautiful stay will make a memorable experience. Your experiences should never be standardized.