Things To Know About The Part 135 Training Complying With 14 CFR

The certification process makes use of a phase and the gate system. It consists of 5 different phases and 3 gates too. The items that are present in a phase should be finished successfully before continuing past the gate and then a new process of the phase continues. Part 135 training is for those applicants who can comply well with 14 CFR in the right manner. In case the applicant is not certified till the FAA is sure that the certificate holder is capable then this kind of training can be quite helpful.

Know what exactly is Standard Part 135

Standard Part 135 is a certification that is given to the applicant who shall be an operator sooner. This certification holder doesn’t have any kind of limitations set on the scope or size of the operation. It is important for the applicant to qualify, apply and even get the FAA authorization granted using Op Specs for every operation type that needs to be conducted. Since these operations have to go through the training, they need to create the manuals and even maintain them in the right way.

Eligible On-Demand Operations

The 14 CFR states there is a new way of the operator which is called an eligible on-demand operation. This operation is quite a lenient choice airport. It is an efficient runaway length performance. Such an alternative is best for eligible on-demand operations. If the requirement of such operation states matches then it means the flight crew must have at least two qualified pilots.

Types of 14 CFR 135 Operations

There are so many types of this part 135 training certificate that U.S applicants can be applied to. This includes:

The two basic types of certificates are available to be issued to U.S. applicants

  • Air Carrier Certificate:

It is usually for those applicants who will carry mail, foreign transpiration, or conduct overseas and interstate transportation.

  • Operating Certificate:

This type of certification is for those applicants who shall be conducting interstate transportation. This type of transportation is conducted within the same state.

To get the 135 does not mean that the drone deliveries across the countries will be cleared. If the company has been operating the standard aircraft, then it must purchase from the companies like Airbus to get its certification of airworthiness. To get the 135 certifications, the applicant needs to understand the rules that are applicable for the on-demand operations and commuter. Before even the certification of Part 135 was recovered, Matternet operated the UPS drones. However, at present, the UPS employees shall be taking the whole drone operation.


Often there are cases that an operator offers the air transportation of the property or the person to compensate or even hire. The Federal Aviation regulations need the commercial operating certificate that needs to be issued. The business aircraft operators that look forward to conducting the operation are usually part 135 training certified of the section FAR. Being the certificate holder, the applicants need to follow the requirements associated with the FAA with regards to the areas like flight operations, training, and maintenance.